Spring, and Sunnyside.

(ps - stop by Planet Awesome Kid for some more Q again this week)
This is our favorite wall...I've been taken photos with Q here since she first came home. It is situated perfect mid-walk on our regular route to the icecream shop, and Q now recognizes it as "her wall".
I love her single raised eyebrow in these shots.
Kool Kat.

She's quite fond of this wonderful car, which has been in place since we moved to the area, at least.
If you look closely... can see her hands signing that she "neeeeeeds" to drive this car!
The beginning of the bloom is in full swing, so expect to see a lot more of this in the next few days!

Raspberry Cheesecake icecream, her choice.
I've always loved the sign for this restaurant. It makes me think of tropical breezes, 1950s cars and a hammock under a palm tree.
And don't get me started on this Dahrma Initiative-esque bus which lives quite close to our local coffee shop, and makes me wish I didn't need to go more than 45 mph uphill.

I seem to be on a vintage car kick this week, yes? Must be the season.

Q's tank top and pointelle leggings: Stella McCartney for Gap, Bloomers: Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, belt: J. Crew (adults), Jellies: Gap Kids.


Mom-Friday said...

love your "wall" :) Q fits in perfectly with the backdrop...and the blooms and vintage cars made the scene more interesting!

Evelyne said...

Very Rock'n'roll..little QQ.
Happy sunday.

Erin Nicole said...

nice post, she's such a cutie xx

Pretty Mommy said...

Love this photoshoot...just reminder me I need to go get more of those pointelle Stella leggings!!

Jeanne-ming said...

QQ's wall. The wild, free, colorful artwork perfectly suit QQ's personality. The vintage cars, the country she was born in.

Leigh and I spent a lot of time on Une Envie de Sel last night and she was amazed at how tall and willowy Q has grown.

Shokoofeh said...

Love these springy photos! :)