Imagine, if you will, a child who spent the first 12 months of her life confined to a crib (albeit a nice crib) with no access to the outside world. Then look at these photos again - her face turned up to the sun and the open sky.
Our daughter had it better in her orphanage than most. And yet, our daughter rarely saw the outside world until the day of her adoption. So you can imagine the source of her joy and her sense of wonder.

top: Stella McCartney for Gap Kids
jeans: Gap


johnny said...

huey would flip over that print!

(his real name is Huscia (彪柘) which roughly translates to tiger stripes)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Johnny, how cool is that name?? I love it! Huscia.

FDChief said...

That's the girl, Q! Little Maxine loves these dandelion blooms, too. The table looks like a wooden bed of weeds with all the yellow flowers she's collected.

Ancarol said...

Have a wonderful and fantasy happy time ... joying

Karumen said...

love how Q is always energetic in your pictures!

MaDaltOn said...

i can imagine a little, really little little bit what Q was enduring during 12 months ( i was in a hospital during 2 months, dying to go outside ... )

what i just can see, and you have this specific way to show this to us ( and thank you for that ! ),
and sorry for my english again, but you have this specific " love sight" on your daughter in your picture, we can feel it here ... i don't know if it is english to say that !
and so i was saying, what we can see here is that your daughter is connected with the outside, what a sweet revenge, don't you think ?!
connected Q, with the sun, the air, and all !

Jeanne-ming said...

oh my. so grown up.