New addiction:

A blog called Planet Awesome Kid.

My friend Yoli (who's extensive web-surfing habit always turns up the best sites) sent me a link a few days ago, and I was instantly hooked.
Planet Awesome Kid is a Brooklyn-based children's street style blog. Of course, street style blogs are all the rage these days, and I have to admit I love to see street style blogs that focus on children. I wish there were more of them. Wouldn't you love to see a children's street style blog for Stockholm, London, Sao Paolo, Reykjavik, Buenos Aires, etc? I would.

But Planet Awesome Kids has another purpose, which is to partner up with local and global charities (like Global Action for Children) with the goal of raising money by hosting kid-friendly events which, in turn, encourage children in creative and artistic pursuits.
These photos are from one of those Planet Awesome Kid events, and I just love the creative set-up here, handmade easels and all. It makes my heart glad.
All photos by Richard Marko for Planet Awesome Kid. Logo illustration at top: Planet Awesome Kid.

...oh, and you might recognize a small someone with a sly grin and pixie hair over there on their site today ;)


Di said...

How cool to see the ever cool looking Q over there!

Angie Muresan said...

This is such a very cool idea! Must check this blog out.
Oh yes, and there she is in all her adorableness. :)

Mom-Friday said...

Thanks for sharing this site, love it! and Q looks like a little supermodel there! :D