We went to get our Christmas tree the night we came home from Vail. All reports said it would be far below zero that night, even here on the (generally temperate) Front Range, so we were prepared. Nonetheless, we didn't realize just how quickly we would congeal in these temps at not-quite-6 pm.
Back in our Vail days, we used to buy our tree-cutting permit at the Forest Service office, drive up the hairpin mountain road towards Leadville, and cut down our own tree. But this year, living (more or less) in the city, we decided to purchase our tree from the most appropriate of local tree lots - right next to our favorite summer icecream stop, Little Man.
Q very nearly froze her paws off during the few minutes we spent choosing our beautiful Fraser pine. Nevertheless, she came out of the experience with a good feeling, and was thrilled to participate in setting up and decorating the tree.
By necessity (we have very little free time these days), tree-trimming needed to occur in various installments. I was amazed and delighted to find, on our first foray into tree-trimming, that Q actually understood the process, and was able to hang a reindeer bell on the tree without coaching.
Next step was birchwood owls, which she hung with equal expertise. Just look at her delicate and dexterous placement! The kid is (as I keep saying) a natural.


caramelcaramelo said...

the last pictures and really precious with the red door at the back, the green tree and little Q in white. thanks again for sharing this little treasure. kenza.

Guusje said...

Yahoo, X-mas is coming!
Big kisses beauty's!

Yoli said...

She is a beautiful smart girl.

alliot + iza said...

Q has very fine and coordinated fingers!
When look at the last 2 pictures focusing only on her hands, they do not like like hands of a 2 year old child... like 4-5Y!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

alliot, you are right!!!!! her hands are tooo mature!

Maia said...

Her fingers are in fact very long (she's a long, tall girl!), and very dexterous. But they were even in the first pictures we received of her, when she was just a few months old.

btw her hands are not actually green ;)
The green comes from the stamps she gets after her Saturday gymnastics practices. She's a big fan of stamps...maybe even moreso than bandaids and stickers.