This absolutely stunning image found via Wabi & Sabi. I don't know where she found it (if anyone knows, please supply the link) but I could not help re-posting it tonight. What a heart-stopping photograph. Wabi & Sabi finds the most beautiful things, and I always enjoy stopping in to check out her latest collection of images.


caramelcaramelo said...

wow! definitely worth re-posting! thank you for such touch of beauty. kenza.
PD: if i could i'd mail you the popovers!

Evelyne said...

je viens de recevoir un mail d'une amie indienne de Chennaï où Frédéric a vécu quelques temps et où j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à l'y retrouver.
Merci pour ces photos, si belles.
As-tu reçu mon mail ?

Yoli said...

It is indeed stunning. The blog is packed full of beautiful images.