Since my office was looking so new and clean and freshly-organized, I decided to light it up a bit for the holidays. For the occasion, Q donned her new VDJ frock and a freshly-painted kohl mustache.OK, well, we all wore kohl mustaches for the occasion. Much to Q's delight!
Then she entertained us by decorating herself with my garland of lights.
Like everything else, she wears it with her own inimitable style.
Daddy's mustache was a bit different in style from Q's, and it looked rather dashing on him, don't you think?
Kohl-mustache artistry by me ;) as well as Q's arm tattoo. She likes to wear kohl "tattoos" on her arms to be like mommy and daddy. Good or bad? I don't know. In any case, her daddy and I got our own tattoos long before we ever dreamed of starting a family. My guess is, when it comes to raising human beings, tattoos are among the last things we need to worry about. Raising a good, solid, stable, confident, caring, productive, intelligent citizen of the human race? Now that's worth a few furrows in the parental brow.

At this point, as you can see, she had managed to unclothe herself. I suppose it's the age...she just prefers to be naked whenever she can get away with it these days.
Then she did a little mugging with her beautiful, starry mimimouse scarf.

All in all, it was a festive evening. These are the small, spontaneous moments that make the holidays memorable, don't you think?


thatgirlblogs said...

loved her wearing the lights ;)

Daan said...

Great moments! She is the best!
Rover first thing to do when he gets from school is take of hij clothes, sometimes he leaves his shirt on. It freezing at the moment but he couldn't care less.

Happy weekend to you!

Yoli said...

It makes it delightful! Enjoy your weekend sweet Q and family!