So, we have been with the extended family for the past few days, and between family and work I have had precious little time to blog.
 First day with the family, we spent the holiday weekend at the country club, face painting, balloon animals, and trying to fit ourselves into the pool amidst holiday crowds.
 Two families, coming together.
 It was the first time for Q meeting her newest cousin.
 Q loves her some BABY!
 She also loves her some balloon animals...though she does not (as she frequently tells us) love waiting in line.
 Balloon animal PROS!
 Mommy and Q, in between the pool and the concessions.
 Still waiting for our balloon animal...
Meanwhile cousin Holland got a butterfly painted on her face. 

More as soon as I have another moment to work on posts!

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Ancarol said...

i same with Q both don't like waite in line ...... Q is look sexy now .