On the road to St. Mary's glacier...rising out of the fog that covered Denver that day into a crystal clear mountain day!
 There is a lot to love about living in Colorado, but this post embodies exactly everything I love most about living here.
 The hike up is rocky, and started out relatively dry...
 but although it was hot, we quickly found ourselves mired in deep snow, and from there on out Mike and I were carrying the littler kids on our shoulders most of the time.

 Small feet + river sandals + snow equals cold, ouchy toes very quickly!
 A rest and snack stop.
 Q summiting into the bowl that contains St. Mary's glacier. One of the most visually stunning places I've seen in my lifetime.

 My girl.
 Wading out into the cold glacial lake...
 It felt nice for the first twenty seconds or so, and then the pain set in! I was laughing, but it really was quite painful! And then like fire ants crawling up your legs when you finally get out!

 Rare beauty.
 The girls playing in the water.
 My sister-in-law was carrying a baby in a sling the entire way! And the baby slept through the entire hike, up and back down!

Views from the winding road home.


Ling said...

what a great family day out! so picturesque!

有力 said...

I am in awe.

Elisa said...

awww it's so beautiful! I especially love the photo of the cousins on the tree branch... I can't believe you went into the water, I was shivering just looking at the photo!...
I'm going to google this place for directions so I can tell hubby we Need to go there!

FDChief said...

My, that's lovely!

And the mountains are pretty, too. :)

Jan said...

Oh Maia!!
Love the photos!!
Love the scenery!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing Q even more!!!
It just amazes me how much she has grown, and how tall and elegant she is!!
She is just so very beautiful!!!
Her expressions are beyond her years and make smile every time we visit you!!!