Listening to a trail safety talk (by my husband) before setting out on a hike in the Rampart Range to a place called Devil's Head.
 Now that's an extended family!
 It's so beautiful, where we live.
 It's a fairly long hike for little legs, and there was much napping by the side of the trail ;)

 A snow cave at the summit...
 ...and a picnic on the rocks.

 Then, fortified, the dizzying climb to the top of Devil's Head.
 Amazing views, needless to say!

 There's an observation tower at the top, howling with wind, full of historic photos.

 Q signs her name in the register (her signature took up half the page).
 Resting before the EVEN MORE vertiginous descent...
 We buddied up for the climb down. My buddy was cousin Harrison.

 Packing up for the drive home.
 We took the scenic route home and stopped along the gorgeous and magical South Platte river to test the waters and cool off!

 Such a lovely family day! Makes all the hard work worthwhile.
 Q's LaoLao, back from her adventures in the wilderness of the Utah desert!

Happy feet on the long, winding drive home.

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有力 said...

What a fun day. You make everyone want to live in Colorado.