Daddy cooks a couple of nights a week in a friend's restaurant, leaving Q and mommy to their own devices.
 These long, languid summer days provide plenty of opportunity for strolls through the neighborhood, bubble-blowing and rose-pruning. But we tend to use the evenings for creative time.
 Sometimes, we go big.
 This particular session went so big that the evening ended with a bubble bath for Q and a mop and bucket for mommy. Oh well, the floor needed cleaning anyhow!
 Warning: We are professionals. 
Don't try this at home if you were not raised by artists, and/or if you do not have a very understanding husband ;)


Evelyne said...

Grâce à Marie de Croix de Provence j'ai découvert ta collection femme !
Le t-shirt est très sympa. Bravo Maïa.

chrissie said...

You should just let her paint the walls now! Can you imagine how much fun that would be!

karey m. said...

love love love how you love your girl.

just spent an enjoyable too many minutes here. thanks for that.

....... said...

you two had so much fun! that experience is never forgotten!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Merci, Evelyne! Moi aussi, j'aime le t-shirt femme!

Chrissie, she has been drawing on the walls for a couple of years now. It's a good thing we're sticking with this house for a while ;)

Karey, oh, how I love her! Heart fit to burst.

And yes, these experiences are memories for a lifetime...which is why we fit as much fun as we can into each and every day right now.