The Q, preparing for her walk of a perfect Colorado summer afternoon.
 Inspecting the horizon through LaoLao's binoculars.
 And riding Lucky Luciano the Lion...our resident guardian.
 She loves her some Lucky.

 In our local arts district, she found to her amazement that there was a sea turtle present in a wall mural near the hardware store.
 Q's favorite animal at present is the sea turtle - in fact, she has informed us in no uncertain terms that we are to abolish all nicknames except for "turtle". She is not pretty. She is not cute. She is "just turtle".
So she was eager to be photographed with one of her kind.


kenza said...

She looks wonderful in that dress! (love the shots near the sink...) Have a lovely weekend!

cara said...

So sweet.

kitchu said...

she is all heart. how she lifts my spirits, even from afar. and i've yet to even meet her.

Ling said...

the one of Q on the lucky statue is perfection. love her cheeky and knowing smile.

有力 said...

I am melted away by Turtle's pictures with the Lion. I mean, come on, that is just otherworldly.