Day two out of surgery, the weather was fine so we took our bikes for a spin.
 Look, mommy, no hands! (of course she did)
 We stopped in at our favorite local restaurant, Indulge, for some real French fare.
 Owner Stephanie Wahl is from Normandy, and Q adores her. Just look at that smile!
 A salad with chevre croutons and a lemongrass tomato soup with crab. Perfect for a summer evening.
 Q enjoying the soup and the prosciutto platter.
 She certainly does enjoy the food here!
 With chef/owner William Wahl, and a sombrero ;)
 Every girl needs a sombrero!
The Q has not exactly been following the doctors' orders for the days after surgery. So happy to be feeling more like herself, she ran, jumped, skipped rope, lifted some weights (I'm not joking), and various other forbidden activities for much of the day yesterday. As a result, she found herself feeling quite sore when she woke up this morning. And yes, I did say "I told you so!"


有力 said...

I love this older look of hers with the longer hair. It is really such a shock. She looks stunning as usual but more sophisticated, she is clearly growing up. I am so happy that she is feeling so adventuresome after her surgery. It is a joy. Sending you all our best little one.

Yanyan said...

Oh Q! I can't tell she just had a surgery. Look at that angel smile. Get well soon my dear and do listen to mummy, so she won't say: 'I told you so' again :)

ChantaleP said...

She is amazing she is! And stunning. What an amazing recovery.. it's like she didn't even have any surgery done! Wonderful...
Really, she is stunning.

Elise Vold Fangberget said...

I hope you are doing good, and that whatever Q is needing surgery for is nothing serious! I'm somewhat a random follower as I'm Norwegian, and found your blog off, but this is really one of my favorites! Q is one of the sweetest kids I've ever seen, and your photographs are always so beautiful and inspiring :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

She has such a gorgeous and carefree personality... really a girl of the world :) Just love her :)

Mlle Paradis said...

glad to see her in fine form!

la fille de la plage said...

I'm happy to see little Q like this, eating and enjoying life as usual !

DAKOTA said...

THANK YOU so much for your recent comments on my blog - you're just so sweet!!!

I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE these photos. What a beautiful girl... She's so, cute!!! Have you thought of entering her into a modeling agency with your photos? Or sending some enquiries? She's honestly super cute for catalog work and it's an amazing way to make some extra cash to fund educational stuff. Love it!

And... The shirt detail is really fantastic!!! I love to see little girls in pretty things like that, instead of those overt t-shirts that say things like "BEBE" or "BRATZ DOLLZ" LOL!!!

Well, more beautiful photos!!!! :)

Thanks again so much for your comments, totally made my morning here in France!!! I think you'll love the photos coming very soon from Florence and Venice upon my travels starting this week!

Dakota @

Jeanne-ming said...

Brave girls.
love you both

Natalie Thiele said...

YAY! Q is back and on top of her game, again.
She really wears that sombrero!

kenza said...

Oh the sweetie!