Berry picking with the family on a perfect solstice day!
 Plus some very beautiful fowl.

There was a bit of competition among the kidlets to see who could pick the most cartons of things were unusually quiet in the berry fields for an hour or more!
On the high plains East of the Rocky Mountains.

While the cousins worked hard to fill their cartons, I think that Q ate every berry that she picked, so that her carton was always empty...and her face covered in strawberry juice.
And Chrissie proved that you can pick berries even with a baby in a front sling!
Like everything else in Colorado this summer, the berries are particularly lush, and our harvest was plump and generous!

Q with a backdrop of snowcapped Rocky Mountains.
Resting on the porch after a long morning in the broad sunlight.

Q and her beloved cousin Harrison.


Yoli said...

Maia, those are EXPECTACULAR! Just when I thought you could not possibly out do yourself.

wallflower said...

Lovely photographs..

kenza said...

Oh! The pictures on the porch are fabulous!