There's a fire in Arizona. A big fire. Because of it, the quality of our air has been unusual.
 It turns the mornings pink - as if the air itself were incandescent.
 It's really quite spectacular.
 I always find it hard to believe that a fire two states away can affect our air this profoundly.
 It's a little bit eerie, but very beautiful.
 Q is wearing my new black Mermaid tank dress, available in The Voyagers Shop

And in other exciting news...my husband the web genius is building me a new eponymous website, up and running soon right here: MaiaLarkin.com


有力 said...

Maia these are so beautiful. You can see your artist soul through every composition. Q as usual the rock star and inspiration. So happy for everything that is coming your way. Can't wait to see what Mike does with the website, he is a very talented man and as equally creative.

alliot + iza said...

Your new collection is fabulous!! Love this Mermaid tank dress. It's a pity that iza is too big ...
Can't believe that Q is growing SO FAST!! With reference to the door knob, she may be over 120cm ??!! I still remember how tiny she was when I first saw her in your blog. She's really an amazing kid. So charming and full of charisma!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thank you, Yoli! You are always so sweet to us.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Thank you, Alliot! And as for sizes, I am working on finding some good pieces in larger sizes for girls. Hopefully I will have something soon. And yes, Q grows like Jack's beanstalk! Every time I turn around, she's taller. She is in six-year-old sizes for clothing now (at only three and a half!)