Such busy times, and I have still not caught up on photos from the past month! 
But I had to post the rest of our photos from Memorial Day weekend, because these are so cute.
 While all the other girls were asking for unicorns and  butterflies, Q wanted an octopus.
 And she wore it with pride.

 Cousin Harrison wanted a beard to match his daddy.

 Chess lessons with  grandpa.

 I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland trying to eat with Q in the playhouse.


kenza said...

Lovely all of them! --I love the "octopus choice", for some reason Petit Caramel is also into an "octopus" mood these days...

Di said...

It looks like a great weekend! And Q is really a girls after my own heart - my own childhood bedtime toy was an octopus! Octopus rock!!

有力 said...

Beautiful series Maia. Looks like such a fun weekend. I think that shot of you with Q in the little house should be a headder it is simply delightful. Love the red nail polish.

sonoko said...

What's absolutely wonderful day!
Your life is always full of joy.
I want to enter in the cute playhouse with Q and you.