On the silliness of the Q.......and why it is impossible for me to put down my camera. Ever. For any reasons. Or under any circumstances.

(Thanks Yoli for the hoodie and sweats...she looks so urban-cool in it!)

Yup, that about sums it up.

Go ahead and laugh as I try to edit my entire surfeit of recent photos and get them up on the blog before we leave for New York (only to return with several hundred more photos for me to edit and post).


Yoli said...

I love the photos and how you arrange them. Your eye for color never fails. I am shocked, I got her a size 3 so she can grow into them and they look about right. She is going to be as tall as you guys. She looks precious in her crown and jacket. I also like her skully with the ship.

caramelcaramelo said...

lovely! just lovely and full of joy! thanks for sharing them. enjoy yourself in upstate NY and NY city, and say hello from me (after living in the city for 15 years i think it is one place i may consider home). and the clothes from vdj are wonderful! nice stuff for little boys as well. thanks again. kenza.

Fei An said...

Haha, you are crazy in love with Q, very Indulged...;)
Waiting for Q's pictures from NY!!!

lovepics said...

soo happy, so funny little girl!
wishing U a lovely new year, to U, Q, and all your family!

pve design said...

love to meet you in NY, time permitting.
happy travels.

Jaeve + Things said...

What a cute child! Thanks for sharing such lovely images! Happy New Year!

déka said...

i so like the look of your happy daughter,
she's so lovely, and full of life !
very happy new year to you three !

FDChief said...

The amazing thing about your little girl, Maia, is that she is so many little girls all in one.

In one snapshot she looks like so little, so much the baby she was just a moment ago shining out of her face and her body...and then she's a toddler running and shouting...and then you can see a glimpse or three of the young girl she will be soon...and the young woman someday to come.

Lovely job capturing all those girls.

A Life More Fabulous said...

Awww - is she the most adorable toddler ever?! I think she just might be.