My mother has a lovely, heavy vintage magnifying glass that she keeps at her desk. Q found it and was instantly captivated. For the rest of the day she wandered about looking at everything through the lens. She's looking at me in the top two shots, then at one of her toy mice, and finally at her dinner. Talk about having your cooking scrutinized!

ps- My husband was pointing out that I needed to post a "full length" shot of the dollhouse from the previous post, rather than just small segments of it. If you zoom in on this set and look in the top left photo here, you can see the full dollhouse from the outside. Isn't it beautiful?


thatgirlblogs said...

Sherlock Qui Holmes

Anonymous said...

I've been sick and avoided going to work for two days now, and I almost had a coughing fit when I saw these pics of Q. Most hilarious :) Thank you for sharing! Not sure if you know of this store yet but thought you might appreciate their style - Please have a look:
Love the sequins and embroidery.
Cheers, April - Toronto

alliot said...

Q is whimsical.
The doll house is so beautifully crafted!

kenza said...

lovely! yes sherlock or a "Q"uirky scientist... all the same, adorable! have a lovely week end, kenza

Jeanne-ming said...

snort snort snort...OH My, I can't stop laughing. to all other comments posted here....ditto.

can't stop laughing. what a crack up.

cara said...

This has to be the most beautiful dollhouse ever! Just incredible.