For a girl who started out averse to any sort of lip contact (due, no doubt, to living a year in a crowded orphanage with an open cleft, and then several months of surgeries and recoveries) the Q has really taken to kissing of late. In the months after her second surgery last April, she had a lot of very tight scar tissue binding the upper lip, which made it difficult to pout like this. But she has since loosened up and gained, as you can see, full mobility. This newly-discovered kissy face is a useful tool, which she uses to tempt, cajole, manipulate, and even dismiss people (she uses this liberally at the end of a social evening when she's ready to pack up and go home. She will gladly kiss and hug everyone in the room, friend and stranger alike, if it will get her on the road back to her bed. She also of course, as on this occasion, uses it simply to dole out affection to her "people", when she is feeling generous. This face, needless to say, is my undoing. Every ounce of steely-cold will in me turns to lukewarm mint jelly under the spell of this face. This is a face that could, dare I say, quite literally launch a thousand ships.

Photos taken after a superb breakfast at a friend's restaurant in Woodstock, Oriole9.


Yoli said...

Oh boy, I can imagine when she gets older--dangerous. She is such a little beauty.

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

My, my she is cute. I just found your blog and have read through a handful of your posts. I enjoy what you write!

FDChief said...

WHITE MOON comes in on a baby face.
The shafts across her bed are flimmering.

Out on the land White Moon shines,
Shines and glimmers against gnarled shadows,
All silver to slow twisted shadows
Falling across the long road that runs from the house.

Keep a little of your beauty
And some of your flimmering silver
For her by the window to-night
Where you come in, White Moon.

Carl Sandburg

likeschocolate said...

You have amazing style! I love the large Zebra print you made. Gorgeous!

Jeanne-ming said...

I fully expect, and I daresay will plan for the day I can come and collect one of those juicy kisses and go from stanger to auntie in the twinkle of her starry eyes. Knock me over now.

some day