A bit more from Oriole9...
If you had noticed the beautiful spotted feather on the table from my previous post, you might have wondered about the fantastical creature that might have worn such a feather. And in fact, it was a chicken. "Just" a chicken.

The feather came from the hat of a women who shared a table near ours during our meal. A woman who, as it turned out, was a Woodstock local, and a friend of my mother's. After her meal, she stopped by our table to meet my mother's family, and in the end she gifted Q with a feather from her marvelous hat...a feather that had belonged to one of the chickens that she raises outside of her home.
That was just one of the magical things that tend to happen in a creative and community-oriented place like Oriole9. The place always surprises and delights us.

Thanks Nina, and Mila and Luc, for the wonderful experiences.

btw I fully intend to emulate your example by creating a large chalkboard-type-device on one of the walls of our home, so that Q might have the opportunity to draw on the walls on a regular (and fully approved) basis.


Ancarol said...

nice nature place with that chalk board i want to make a chalk board also ~

Andrea said...

That is the most amazing doll house I have Ever. Seen. Seriously. And how much healthier for girls, rather than a big pink barbie house. I love it.