Do I post too much of this museum? If so, it's only because I'm amazed that it isn't more heavily frequented. Such a beautiful space, and pretty much your best entertainment value in town if you like that sort of thing. Maybe that's the problem...too many people are rubbed the wrong way by contemporary art? I mean, I can understand that sentiment. I don't love all contemporary art myself. In fact, I wouldn't even say I love the majority of it. I DO watch the Whitney Biennial every year, but I don't agree with every selection, not by a longshot. I was not raised by people who especially loved contemporary art. And yet...I do love creativity. A well-designed space (and this space is exceptionally well-designed!) filled with thoughtfully-chosen art is always worthwhile to my mind - regardless of whether or not you agree entirely with the choice of artworks.I mean, in all seriousness, who CAN agree on art? Very few. But is it interesting to discuss it? Absolutely.
Does art make for good creative thought? Certainly. Just look at the Q's gestures as she runs through these spaces. She may decide she likes these pieces. She may decide she hates them. Either way, she is relating to them in strong, visceral, animated ways.
She is very much in this space, and she is paying attention to the pieces in it. I love that.
And while we're on the subject, here is Q's favorite artist in the museum at present (with the Whoopie-cushion wall running a very close second). She adores this wall. She could spend hours here. She can't get enough of it, and, in the end, has to be dragged away (even though she loves the next floor as well).
The technicolor raindrop wallpaper makes her swoon. Need I say more?
I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm probably going to have to cut out about 10,000 raindrop decals from various colorful wallpapers and stick them to her wall one of these days.

...or, maybe I'll just renew our membership next year. Yeah. That's probably what I'll do.
Having been forcibly removed from the raindrop room...running off to the next adventure.
Drawing inside the Idea Box.
Mommy loves the chairs. QQ loves the boxes of supplies.
Making a card for daddy.
And, finally, the roof garden...still fun in January thank's to Colorado's sunny climate.
Did I mention this is a beautifully-designed space?


Jeanne-ming said...

A lovely sunny post. I love the photo of Q at the rain drop wall.
Happy new year little family. I watched the BLue moon over Chinag mai last night and then followed it on the plane over the Pacific.

My very first reaction to looking at your family photos was that you look striking like your grandmother.

Daan said...

Wow, i can imagine it is the best place in town!

Happy Newyear to you!


Renee said...

Q is very beautiful.

I love the raindrop room.

Renee xoxo

caramelcaramelo said...

love the photos and the comments! thank you for such a lovely start of the year. kenza.

Mlle Paradis said...

Hmmmm giving me ideas about multi-colored raindrops in rooms. The kid has taste! I have been having memories lately about being a little kid and going into museums barefooted with my brothers and sisters after we had dunked our feet in the fountain in front. And gazing at the millefiore paperweights and burmese heads. Can kids do this by themselves anymore? Happy New Year Maia and Q! And to hubby too.

Yoli said...

So, so beautiful Maia.

liza said...

When we had our place down in Denver, we loved that we could walk there and easily go through the whole space with Eddie when he was only two. It felt like our little neighborhood museum! The Damien Hirst was the one piece that we had to do a lot of explaining about...

Guusje said...

Cool! Love your photoshoot, It's like I've been myself! Thank you. x g

Envelope is coming!!!!!

MODsquad said...

This was our first time there! Can you believe it!? I think I fell in love with the space itself more than the art. However, that raindrop wall is amazing! We can't wait to go back. We'll keep our eyes out for you gals!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Mlle Paradis - I think there was an era in which it was more common for children (city kids at least) to run into museums on their own. Or is that a trick of memory?

Liza, the Damien Hirst is no longer there. I think I was one of those who was rather fond of it, if only for the mythological feel of the image. But there was definitely a disturbing element to it, and I did swerve around it rather quickly the first time or two we took Q there...not sure how she would react. Fortunately that was when she wasn't walking yet, so we were in charge ;)

Mod mom, I also am in love with the space more than the art. This is a museum without a huge amount of funding for big-name artists, but they had the wisdom to make the space itself really spectacular, which always makes it worthwhile to go there. That space itself is worth 1000 words.