On our first day in Woodstock, we stopped in for an impromptu breakfast, once again, at our friends' wonderful slow-food restaurant, Oriole9.
Everything in this place is artfully designed for a peaceful, fulfilling and relaxing meal.
The children's corner, in particular, is a favorite of ours, and we had the opportunity to let Q spend some time there with the owners' lovely son Mila.

Mila and his mom were so sweet as to bring Q the gift of a bouncy ball filled with glittery snow, which M and Q proceeded to pass back and forth. You can see Qs hands positioning themselves for an anticipated catch. She's still working on catching (though her throwing arm is on a par with that of a pro)and it breaks my heart to see her hoping against hope to see a pass come her way.
Mila is all boy, and his chalkboard style demonstrates that to a T.

Mila's beautiful mom, my erstwhile gradeschool mate, showing Q her lovely necklace.


Gigi said...

So, so lovely! The photos of Mila at the chalkboard made me laugh because I remember my nephews at his age having a very similar chalkboard "style."

Your friends' restaurant looks heavenly! xo

Juniper said...

What a nice breakfast spread, lovely looking coffee! Yes those chalk board drawings remind me of my son's FIREWORKS drawing phase, which lasted a good six months. Sweet photos of your friend and Q.

Fei An said...

Whenever I saw Q is having fun, my heart is thrilled! So happy you have so many nice friends and Q can feel lots of love from them as well:)

Nina said...

Such beautiful photos and such sweet words too!Thanks for visiting us with your lovely family, I know your time here is short. Mila really enjoyed Q and I think they'll bond that special friendship of children that see each other over the years and that little light of recognition flashes and they step right back where they left off.

Evelyne said...

Le capuccino semble aussi bon qu'en Italie !

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping by... oh how Q has grown... you can tell that she has certainly blossomed... hope all is well with everyone... take care..