This post is for Tina the English Muse, because she's been having a rough time of it lately. We found these beautiful roses in the most amazing nursery I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. It's called Echter's (for those of you in Denver), and the rose section - while vast - was only just a small part of the wonders we found there.
I took almost 300 hundred pictures (no, not exaggerating!) So I'm going to have to break them up lest I become intolerable with my excessive posting. This is the first segment...the roses.

Isn't this just such a beautiful shot of the Q? Looks like a rare, pensive moment, but actually she had realized that she was going to look particularly good in front of these red roses, and so she backed up against them and posed for me. This is her "gazing pensively off into the distance" pose. She's getting a little to good at this.

Sheer heaven, isn't it?


the yellow elephant said...

your daughter is adorable! i must say. and those flowers looks wonderful!

Jeanne-ming said...

Oh Q, so aware of herself and her surroundings. She is so cute. The roses are amazing.

Anne said...

She does look good in front of the red roses. I love her shoes !!!

n a t s u m i said...

Such a beautiful rose gardens!
Your daughter is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Q is the most beautiful little flower of this garden!