Since I'm in the business of appreciating my husband today, and since I'm so enjoying that photo filter I've been trying out, I thought I'd revisit some photos from our wedding. This was at a cabin circa 1880 on the 4 Eagle Ranch outside of Wolcott, Colorado. That's our friend Brynn in the first picture, and her oldest son Emmett in the background.
This is my gorgeous sister-in-law Chrissie and her middle child, Isacah (I can't believe how little she was!).
Me signing my new name to the register.
Boy, I wish I knew about this filter back then! It really suits the setting, doesn't it?
My new husband on a horse called Remington (or Rio...I've forgotten which of us rode which).
We were not married on horseback, but we did ride up to the altar. My mum is responsible for these beautiful shots, by the way. She was our designated photographer.
Crossing the bridge from the main ranch house, where I changed from my riding gear into my dress for the reception.
Basking in the Colorado sun.
Greeting friends after the ceremony.
My husband wrote an amazing speech. It blew me away.
That was a good day. As have been all the days since.


jen laceda said...

OMG, these are gorgeous! And yes, that photo filter is very fitting for the mood of your wedding!!

Geisslein said...

Lovely post and beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Yoli said...

Maia, this is pure romance!!! What filter is this? Please share. Also, I love the look on your face as you are about to sign the register!

call-me-Heidi said...

WOW!!! these shots are amazing! and it's all so romantic! you've got me dreaming ;-)
how do you make that effect? what's that filter you're talking about?? would love to try it!

FDChief said...

You were a ravishing bride, and your novio a dashing groom. Many happy returns of the day...

The Cottage Cheese said...

Your wedding was so beautiful, and so unique! I just love the setting. I'm hoping mine will be just as lovely. And your photos are incredible!

An Carol said...

perfect shot with the beauty write : )