OK, it's kinda random. But I designate it!

Today, a list of reasons why I feel so incredibly, profoundly fortunate to share a life with this man:

- He's a fabulous cook.
- He's stoic to the marrow of his bones.
- He has a copyright symbol tattooed directly between his shoulderblades.
- He likes to garden, and grows beautiful vegetables.
- He is utterly unequivocal. Look up "unequivocal" in the dictionary, and you'll find his picture.
- He once wrote me a note that said "I love you more than bacon."
- He wears converse hightops with the laces undone. He wore them the day I met him (with a cowboy hat) and he wears them still. He wears each pair until the soles wear through and the seams burst, and then breaks out a new pair.
- He has a very deep voice.
- He is a superb father.
- He reads every newspaper he can get his hands on, every day.
- He knows how to make a pinhole camera.
- The other day, when I was under the weather, he brought me a double-chocolate Blizzard from DQ and an Orange Julius.
- He plays a mean guitar.
- He doesn't know anything about cars.
- In his world, there is no "can't". Together, he believes, we can do anything we set our mind to. Anything.
- He follows in nobody's footsteps.
- He has been throughout his life a chef and a journalist, sometimes consecutively.
- He's completely devoted to those he loves.
- He doesn't watch sports, but he's always game for a six-hour hike in the mountains.
- He once gave me a can of SPAM-n-Cheese as a gift. He also once gave me a trip to San Francisco for my birthday.
- He's not afraid to go to the opera.
- He sometimes brings me flowers for no reason.
- He is a brilliant comedian. I've never met anyone with better comic timing.
- He owns his mistakes with dignity and humility.
- He loves camping in the desert.
- He has a work ethic out of another, more diligent era, and he never, ever takes a sick day.
- He gets emotional about dogs.
- He's not afraid to make fun of himself.
- When his mountain bike was stolen, he bought us each a three-speed cruiser with the insurance money, so that we could go on breezy afternoon rides on his days off.
- He has trouble pronouncing the word "wolf", which makes me laugh, and which is (I swear!) only a small part of the reason that I chose a house on Wolff Street when we were looking for our new home.
- He always has a new adventure planned for the next day off.
- He shares the housework with me 50/50, and never has to be asked.
- When I asked him to adopt a little girl from China with me, he said "yes".


jen laceda said...

Oh my god, this is the sweetest ode to a husband. I particularly love the note that said 'I love you more than bacon'!!! You should frame that! And that last thing...saying yes to adopting...that's rare!

Lonnie Hanzon said...

Boy oh Boy Do you have a Man! Congratulations! I have a feeling he could make a pretty lovely list himself about his wife. It can be THIS groovy as long as you both demand it. Take it from someone that is still madly in love 28 years later - don't forget any of those little things and keep finding more. You will.

Amanda said...

You've inspired me to make my own list!

The Cottage Cheese said...

I believe I now have a wee bit of a crush on your husband. Your list is so sweet, what a lovely family!

Anonymous said...

Total lurker here, but I HAVE to comment since your husband is the only other human I've come across who struggles with the pronunciation of "wolf" (or as I say "woof").

Love the blog, love the post -- thanks!

Juliette said...

That's the sweetest thing.
Your man is definitely special and so are you!