photo credit: Valérie @ l'atelier de marie et rose-alice

Recently, I ordered a couple of small things from l'atelier to Marie et Rose-Alice, and I have to say...this is how a business should be run. I love everything about Valérie's beautiful shop, the clothing designs, her lovely photography on the blog, and the sweet and intimate photo she takes of her children. But her customer service is equally as personal and exceptional in quality. It isn't easy to find a clothier that attends to business with this much care and diligence. As soon as I placed my order, I received an email from her suggesting that I might want to alter the measurements on one of the pieces (this she knew from seeing my blog and estimating the sizes visually). Once I agreed to the new measurements, the customized piece was completed and shipped in under 48 hours, and I received an email at each step of the process letting me know where my order stood. Yesterday, I received another email checking to see if I'd received the package yet. (I hadn't, only because it's a government holiday here, so no mail). Attached to the email - and this is just the kind of beautiful detail that makes it special - was this gorgeous photo.

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