I only post my very most favorite things in my "good things" posts. But this is one of the most special of the special. Once again, I have my mum to thank for introducing me to this artist. Her name is Tricia Cline . She's an instructor at the Woodstock School of Art (with which both my mother and father have been affiliated over the decades) and a part of the Woodstock art community. This is one of those artists that I loved at first sight. I can return again and again to her pieces, and it's difficult to tear the eyes away from them. She is self-taught and hand-sculpts in porcelain clay. This series is called "Exiles in Lower Utopia". I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

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Merisi said...

Such delicate features in clay, even if it were the finer kaolin clay! The skills and artistry necessary to produce such fine porcelain figures is extraordinary.

Augarten Porcelain here in Vienna allows visits to their work studios.

Joseph said...

Is that a 15th century rabbit?
The whole presentation is excellent.

Tina Tarnoff said...

What an amazing artist. Thanks for introducing us to her. Absolutely stunninga and so delicate.