I posted not too long ago about the wonderful book Making Truck, about the intimate details of the creation, conception and design of Japan's Truck Furniture. I like everything about the Truck aesthetic - the organic aesthetic, the minimalism, the intimate feel of it, the form and function. But my absolute favorite thing in Truck's furniture catalog is their cabinets, shelves and lowboards.
It goes back, I think, to my love of all things drafting-related. These remind me of the vintage blueprint cabinets which my father used to store drawings and prints in, and with which I have been in love all of my life.
Everything about these speaks to me. If I could, I would have these all over the house.


Yoli said...

I think they are lovely!

An Carol said...

I love that Truck aesthetic too When i to furniture maket almost like lose control anytime :)

MODsquad said...

Oh, these are way cool! I have just the spot for one, or two!