This photo was taken at the tail end of our Christmas card shoot. That's all the clue I'm giving you! Let's just say we had fun. I'll post the best of them come closer to the holiday.
Afterward, because we were close, we stopped in to Little Man icecream shop for a chocolate-raspberry shake.

Then it was off to the Gallop Café for paninis and coffee.
Couldn't resist this photo of Q in her "eskimo kiss" hood from TrickyKnits. This design was originally made as a "cocoon" snuggler for a newborn, but it was so beautiful with the ruff around the face that I could just picture Q in it, so I had it custom made for her. I believe TrickyKnits is now going to make it a regular item in the shop, in case you want one for yourself ;)
The end of a good morning.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all! ox


nath said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Chocolate raspberry shake sounds like a winner to me

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

What a Thanksgiving Treat. As I am in Chiang Mai alone, no traditional Thanksgiving fare here. So to see this post, warms my heart.

Yoli said...

Honestly I am so tickled by that Q in her hood. She looks positively adorable. I had an attack when you first sent me the picture. Pure, cuteness overload. Happy Thanksgiving Maia to you and your beautiful family.


Happy Thanksgiving and the photos look very sweet - wonder what your Christmas Card will look like...

Kind regards Nina