Downtown one evening to see the Christmas lights go on at the capitol building.

And a bit more of Q's art. This very abstract photo taken by Q (without my knowledge) on my iPhone. I believe she used the hipstamatic app here. Ah, the tech generation. I think we should blow it up to 5' x 5' and hang  it in the livingroom.


But enough about my work...and a little more about Q's.

 Q has had a fingerpainting renaissance of late. 

 It's a very hands-on business in our house.

And afterward, of course, a bubble bath with the same color palette!

It makes everyone happy.


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As we wait with anticipation for a forecast snow, and put up Christmas lights in the dark, the newest addition to my growing family of handmade art dolls is evolving...more here.


 A visit to the art museum, reimagined.

I've been holding on to these pictures for quite some time, thinking I needed to do something with them...I just wasn't sure what. 

Then, today, inspiration struck.


Here's what we are thankful for today.

A Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

ox - M, M & Q


 A stroll and some public art in LoDo.