Since  has been a fan of tea lately, the other night we decided to head out to a tea house in LoDo.
This is the outfit that Q chose for herself. Complete with socks pulled up over the knee, and gold-spangled shoes.
 Lucky for her that her daddy loves every outfit she chooses to wear!
 Learning the ritual.
 And showing of her spangled shoes.

 Lucky that she loves her some tea.
 I think that few of us could pull off this outfit, but The Q, confident as she is, can manage it!
 Watching as Daddy teaches her how to strain her tea leaves.
Her manners, fine as they are, only last so long. She is still just three, after all.


 Wave after wave of snow has been hitting the East Coast this winter, while Denver has been having one of the mildest winters in recent memory (you'd think we were living in SoCal). And yet, it has been a spectacular (if tumultuous) winter in New York. I think I need to post these pictures from a morning between storms in Woodstock.
 At sunrise, so cold that snowflakes were materializing from mid-air. By 10 am, warm and sunny enough for our little to go outside and play in the snow in boots and bare  legs!
 Living in Colorado, I have for many years had a tendency to malign the East Coast climate, but you really can't beat this!

 LaoLao and her two dogs, Emma and Dash, enjoying the powder snow in the back garden.
 And this is Q making fun of mommy.
I was tilting my head to the side so as to photograph her from eyelevel. Apparently my un-brushed morning hair was doing something extremely bizarre, which Q felt the need to send up. 
Good thing no one else with a camera was around to photograph the photographer, because I must have been quite the fright!


Lunch and a stroll in Beacon after Dia.
And then, because it was chilly, we found a lovely cafe for hot chocolates, chai teas and cookies.

 Window shopping is always fun in Beacon, whether it's for art or crafts.


 On the thruway South with the family, to Beacon and Dia art foundation.

 Dia is wary of cameras, but one can sometimes manage to snap a few photos in the picturesque parking lots, and inside Richard Serra's amazing collection of rusted steel installations, my favorite part of the museum in so many ways.
 We are a family of Serra fans.
 Q takes to his work every time, and each time she finds new ways to relate to his pieces.
 It's interesting to watch the evolution of her appreciation of art in its many forms.

We enjoy Beacon for various reasons every time we visit. But we always look forward to interacting with Serra's work just a bit more.
 As rounds of snow continue to hit the East Coast, I'm missing my mum's beautiful house and it's cozy views on the storm.

 A gingerbread house, gift from a Woodstock friend.

 Neighbors' houses through a lacework of snowy trees.
 The woods out of which deer emerge at intervals, picking their way on dainty ballerina feet.

I was wearing my mum's fishing waders out in the snow, since I hadn't had room to pack snowboots, and we had to chip the ice off of the felt soles every day when I came in from the snow!