My mother sent these pictures from Prague. 
Fabulous weather, it seems!

 Yesterday, with Q in full-day preschool and us with (at last) some real time on our hands, we decided to celebrate just a bit by treating ourselves to (long neglected) haircuts. I got mine chopped at a local arts district salon called Rebelle - all pink and rock-baroque inside. 
(I got quite a lot chopped off my hair - but will have to post pictures of the result at a later date!)
 We stopped for tea and coffee at a nearby coffee shop before I treated Mike to his belated anniversary gift - a cut and straight-shave at the new men's salon, Proper.

 I don't know which one of us was more excited about visiting Proper for the first time, but it was probably me, because I adore the place!
 It pushes every single one of my design buttons. 
I would like to shake the hand of the person that designed Proper. No detail has been ignored, and everything is just perfection.
 A treatment at Proper begins with a shot of Jameson's Irish Whiskey. 
If you're still thirsty, Pabst Blue Ribbon is on offer while you're under the blade.
 Lounge feet.
 How much do I love the fact that they mix in vintage '60s Playboys with copies of GQ in the waiting area? A lot.
 I love every detail from the whiskey display over the front door to the über-cool logo T-shirts, the bleached deer-skull hat racks, the kitschy painting of the creature from the black lagoon over the wash station, and the custom-designed wallpaper.
 Who doesn't need a tin of mustache elixir?
 My husband is working up to a clean shave after a couple of years of wearing a beard. In the interim, he's decided to rock 70's biker chops and a fu manchu, just for kicks.
 Prepping for the straight razor.
 Mid-shave, I dashed out to pick up Q from school, so she could watch Papa get his haircut. She got a sucker out of the bargain as well - always a plus!
This place kinda makes me wish I were a guy.


 And FINALLY the last of Q's birthday party!!
Many thanks to all who made this such a delightful day!


 Birthday party, part 3!
Sad that it has taken me this long to blog half of Q's b'day party!
And so it goes. 

Part 4 yet to come...I hope! Stay tuned!


 Birthday party preparations, stage 2: Q sets up the gift table, with much pomp and circumstance!