My little family...The Q's first encounter with the great ocean interface.
She was a little unsteady on the sand, at first, but you can see by the smile on her lovely face how she felt about it.
Daddy wrote her name in the sand - another first.
Barefoot and fearless, into the chilly surf.
Delighted with her first experience with salt water.
Historic boats tethered to the pier.
A confident gull.
From another era of seafaring.
Clinging to Mama's leg, while greeting strangers on the dock.

Musings on the theme of red and pink, from my inspiration stacks...
National Geographic

Most of the above pages are from Coté Sud or Ouest, Marie Claire Maison, and National Geographic. I wish I could give better credits, but most of these have been torn from their magazines and added to my inspiration stacks!
An inevitable example, from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette.

Fragonard, bien sur.