The Georgetown/Silver Plume loop railway...once a part of a railroad network between mining towns in the Colorado Rockies. Now, a historical reminder, popular with families and school groups.
Colorado is still very much a train state, even now. Listening to the forlorn and thrilling moan and whistle of trains in the night is possibly my favorite thing about living in Denver, with its working trainyards. Working trains and "ski trains" are still active through the mountain corridors, and Denver is still to some extent an active hub for train travel, as is Grand Junction.
Colorado's current presence in the midst of its own history is one of the reasons I so deeply love this state.

Bisbee, Arizona.

"A Kiss From Tokyo" Theatrical trailer from Stephane coedel on Vimeo.

This is pretty sweet.
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Order the book, "Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7" from


Photo: Bart Boehlert

HUGE blog crush of mine: Paul Pincus.

He's one of those people who find things. He finds all the best things. It's a talent. And he has it. Not everyone shares the same aesthetic, of course. But for me, as broad as his spectrum (and it runs the gamut from contemporary art to pop culture, from modern design to the great masters, from street style to high society), Paul Pincus hits the mark every time with the clarity of a silver spoon striking good crystal. He is pitch-perfect. 'Nuff said.

The above photo is via Paul Pincus from Bart Boehlert's Beautiful Things. I chose this "street style" photo at random because it's today's entry, and because I like it. There are so many good things on Paul Pincus' blog that I couldn't have picked a's like browsing a really excellent library, or the best sort of curiosity shop. It bears many hours and multiple visits to really appreciate the spectrum. Trust me, your time will be well-spent.


photo: mimimouse

You may remember my posting heavily about these miniature designer chairs during and after our San Francisco trip in February. Well, I was thrilled to see that mimimouse is now offering them in their shop! Thrilled doesn't even cover it, really, since these are not so easy to find in small quantities, even on the internet.


I am particularly fond of these two photos, which a friend took of Q and I not long ago.


I am LOVING right now: the online magazine papier mache. It's based in Australia. It's beautiful, ethereal, and right on the cutting edge. And it's free to subscribe. What's not to love?
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