A day at Lakeside. 
'Tis the season! We'll be seeing a lot of the local vintage amusement park these summer days!


No rest for the wicked...I'll be working hard in the studio all weekend!



I illustrate for Jane at Anais & I...but it also happens to be one of our favorite brands! If I had a boy, he would definitely be wearing Jane's supercool boy's line.
As it is, Q is a fixture in her playsuits in the summer! So easy and SO cute!
The good news is that it's the holiday weekend, and Anais & I is having a SALE just in time for summer! 30% off just for the holiday weekend, with the discount code SPRING2011.
Catch it while you can!!
 A stunning summer day at the botanical gardens.
(And dreamy clothing by Enchanted Enfant)

ps - is it me, or does she look like a teenager in some of these shots??


 First big day at the garden center...always one of my favorite days of the year!
Oh how we look forward to it!