Well, it's just about the end of summer now...even though the temperatures both day and night belie our passage into fall this year. So, as I do every year, I feel the need to memorialize our summer days at Lakeside.
The old and fabled Lakeside amusement park (originally named White City) is a family-owned, old-school park that has been a fixture in Denver since 1908. It also has a place in our personal history, since my husband and I first started coming down from the mountains to photograph Lakeside very early in our relationship.
Somehow or other, we ended up living not four blocks from Lakeside when we eventually married, bought a house, and started a family.
 So it is that Lakeside has a very personal and enduring significance for us (as well as for the city that we now call home).
Lakeside had a long season this summer, thanks to the continuing warm weather, but it is finally time for the summer park to close for the season.
Goodnight and good luck, Lakeside. We hope to see you reappear each summer for many more decades, seasons and eras to come.
More autumn hiking in the Colorado Rockies.


Another fall outing...we are getting our fill of color this year!

A small cafe in the town of Coal Creek, where we stopped for a snack.

And higher, where civilization gives way...

My mum's plum pie, with fruit from the neighbor's tree and crust by hand.
 Three generations.

 Q's unique combo of stylish/tomboy.
 Playing ball with the cousins...
 Well, really it was just Q playing ball.
 The cousins, not so much.
 They were too busy getting blindfolded, tickled, and dressed up by their big sister.
 Meanwhile Q is ever serious about her sport.
A post-prandial conga line.


At the lake: part 2

Steamboat Springs: a trip to the lake, part 1