Summer evenings, chilled wine, dinners on patios...

...and two-year-olds who don't like to sit still...

Dress by Hayley


Corner View: summer!
My husband took these with my iPhone yesterday. I was in the midst of a heavy work day, unshowered and unkempt. But I came out to take a five minute break in the sun, warming Q up in the hammock after her long session in the pool. Raw and natural, I think these photos are a pure illustration of the word "summer".

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Berry picking day at Berry Patch Farms in Brighton.
Q is a fan of chickens.
And strawberries.

On the truck to the strawberry fields.
Spring breezes, far-off storms, and first-season berries.

Family time.

More from the Great Sand Dunes...Q having breakfast in my mum's Eurovan.
At the trailhead.
A watery hike through a canyon.
Sledding on sand (it's hard to tell, but the slopes are very steep).

Walking with Ah-pah.
Playing in the valley with cousin Victoria.
In my mum's dishwashing gloves at the campground.
Q with a tortoise and my mum with an alligator at the alligator farm.
The local railway.
In one of the train cars.
A local vehicle.
Hula hooping at the icecream shop yesterday afternoon (appropriately, after dinner we went home and watched The Hudsucker Proxy).
Q loves her hula hoops...
...and gets very creative when faced with an entire stack of them.
The dress was made for her by our friend Hayley, who is a wonderful seamstress.
I love the old, battered slide that they imported this season. know, for kids!

ps - these photos were all taken with my iPhone...I'm a belated addict to that device.


Busy....Oh, so busy right now!!

We have so much to share with you, but oh, so busy. If only there were more hours in the day! But I have so, so much to tell. Soon.

In the meantime, I give you a few tastes of what you have to look forward to:
Baby in a basket.
Kool Kat on a train with her Ah-pah.
St. Mary's Glacier (looks like Q had nefarious plans for my hat, doesn't it?)
Oh, and it's daisy season!! I love daisy season.
Strawberry picking!
Neighborhood walks (plus, she is so cute it kills me!).
Did I mention it's daisy season?
Long, long, action-packed days in the sun.

Until soon! ox