Some Friday randomness:Another of my mum's incredible photos from Africa.
Q eating breakfast.
I tried not to post this one. I really did. But I failed.
This is Q saying the "Down came the good fairy, and she said..." part from Little Bunny Foo Foo.
...and playing with her adventure kayaker.

More monster feet, because they just kill me.

And a Batman bandaid on a knee that was skinned once oh, about six months ago, but still earns her a bandaid, or so she thinks.
And btw this was the bag that came with the Stella collection. It was worth it for the bag alone. She still has it in her crib.


nicole said...

hi, friend. what a beautiful space this is. I think it's quite sweet that your little one is still bandaging her wounded knee. ;)

Mlle Paradis said...

no, the feet kill me! have you blogged yet about how i can get a pair of those? have i missed that?

Maia said...

mlle, they're also at the gap (and much more budget-friendly than that jacket ;)

FDChief said...

Our littlies both love "Little Rabbit Foo-Foo". For them the critical moment is when the "goooooooooood Fairy" (and you have to warble your voice on the "good" to emphasize how good he/she is) tells LRF-F to "knock it off!"

They also like the part about bopping the field mice on the head,, I'm afraid.

And what IS it with the band-aids? Maxine loves her some band-aids, and considers them the anodyne for everything owie. She once bit her tongue and wanted a band-aid for it, and was heartbroken when she found out she couldn't have one.

Evelyne said...

Un si joli petit monde pour la petite Q. J'aime les kilims, ma boutique préférée de kilims à Paris est TRIFF, boulevard Raspail.

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Love these photos! Q in the bath...oh cute

Fei An said...

about six months ago, but still earns her a bandaid, or so she thinks.
so lovely!!!
Don't understand why kids love bandaid? :)
The africa picture is stunning!!

Gigi Thibodeau said...

yes, those feet are the best!!!! xo

Palmer and Co said...

LOVE that jacket!! Pretty sure it was on the runway this season!