I'm a little giddy with excitement about this discovery - Los Angeles-based children's design and discovery blog Willie and Henrietta.

I discovered them because....well, because they featured my work today. Always nice, but a particularly delightful surprise because their blog is right up my alley! We share similar taste. Their "finds" are a delicious browse through a child's wonderland, and I found so many new things to admire (and covet).

I'll let their profile do the rest of the talking:

"Perhaps it is our Midwestern upbringing, being raised by Mothers who are educators, or working as nannies for Hollywood’s elite but somehow we still believe in childhood. We’ve begun to dream of what those days might be like for our own children and children everywhere. On our path to build a world that honors children and those who care for them we’ve begun to discover there are kindred spirits among us. The world is spackled with people, products, art, design, and information that when pieced together illuminate a brighter future. This blog is a collage of delights found along the way."

And, a little sampling of their featured discoveries:
The fall/winter clothing collection at Talc.
Shadow puppets from the Etsy shop of owlyshadowpuppets.
Designer Charlotte Friis' sustainable paper chair.
Photographer Jorg Meyer's shoot featuring vintage-style clothing designed by Barbara Beach. (Take a look at the entire's quite amazing.)

ps - Willie and Henrietta have an Etsy finds sidebar as well, which always makes me happy!


Di said...

Your prints are truly adorable! I love the idea of someone's child being painted into some beautiful fairytale world! I can imagine the pictures of your daughter as she grows!

Palmer and Co said...

Ooh.... great finds!