We received a very special (and very large!) package recently from Holland. 
Initially, Q thought that meant it was from her cousin who's name is Holland...But in fact it was from our dear blog friend Daan of maandagdaandag!
 I am a lover of Daan's blog not just because my mother and my late, beloved grandfather were born in Holland. Not just because my very, very best friend from childhood lives there still. Not just because Daan's kids have the coolest names and the coolest life around. Not just because Daan's husband plays supercool music, nor because Daan herself is gorgeous and creative! 
As I was saying, I love her blog mostly because of the gorgeous, hand-carved stamp prints she makes on everything from party garlands to t-shirts, from cake toppers to tea towels.
 So it totally made my day (and Q's) when we opened our package from Holland to discover and entire stack of tees for Q and me, hand-printed with Daan's beautiful work.
 Q has been giddy about her new shirts ever since.
 This "I scream for icecream" has been her favorite...
 for self-evident reasons.
But there are so many beautiful others that I hope to show in future posts. 

Many, many thanks, Daan, for the amazing work! We send you many Xs and Os across the oceans!


Yoli said...

What a sweet gesture, she is kind and very talented. Q looks adorable.

Daan said...

Blushing all over!

and Q is a great kid to make present for, an inspiring Beauty and Joy!

Love, Daan