Finally!! Part 1 of our stay at Red Cone Retreat!
 This place was so amazing to look at that the quantities of photos we took are far too vast for just one post!

 Mike with one of the ranch dogs, Zip. A heeler after my own heart! I love heelers.

 Q blowing us kisses from the teepee, out of sheer happiness!
 Ah, this is what childhood should be! That's Dude on the left, Zip's buddy. Q didn't want me to take his picture. He was a little in love with our dog Mathilda!
 Even just looking at these, I want to go back right now!
This place just might be the best place in the world.


Yoli said...

It looks like the best place in the world! I am sure it made the wanderer in you sing.

pilli pilli said...

WOW! That looks like a great place!!
Fun & happy! Maybe we should all go there from time to time!

& have a GREAT day!

kenza said...

Fantastic! What a marvelous world for all of you!

Amélie said...

What a fantastic place. A paradise for children ... and parents as well. I'll be dreaming of holidays there.

cotton's said...

oh great that's the kind of place that would make my children happy, you look good you have fun is great.
good week