This morning, before my husband headed to work, we took a little detour to a neighborhood known as Globeville. No one has ever given me a satisfactory explanation for the name, but it always sounds very sci-fi to me.
 We were headed there for the Orthodox Food Festival and Old Globeville Days, featuring food and Dance from such places as Eritrea, Russia, Romania, Serbia and Poland.
As foodies, we just couldn't pass that experience up!
 Unfortunately we were too busy chowing down to take any pictures of the food - but it was awesome! We tried a very spicy Eritrean dish with chicken and an egg in a sauce that bore a slight resemblance to a Mexican molé. It was delicious!
At the Russian tent I went a little wild over mushroom crepes (they were just called pancakes) that tasted like an enchanted forest, and a superb dumpling dish called Pelmini, which was so good that I got seconds AND an extra plate to bring home for dinner.

 We also stopped at the tent for the Global Village academy, a multi-lingual school, so that Mike could sign Q up for kindergarten programs in Mandarin. I love the idea of her going to language school - with her photographic memory, she's going to be an ace.
 Making masks with a new bilingual friend.

 Playing toss tic-tac-toe.
 I loved this lady in her summer finest, eating something wrapped in a cabbage leaf! And the smell of roasting lamb was intoxicating.
These poor people must have been sweltering in their traditional costume! It was 99 degrees when we got in the car. Hottest day of the year!


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Elisa said...

what a fun day! I'm just sad that I had to work this weekend. I would have loved to attend. Since hubby is Croatian, he would have enjoyed some of the homemade food from Serbia.

I think it's wonderful that Q will be attending language school, such an advantage at her age.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Too bad we couldn't have seen you there, Elisa! That would've been fun!