My sketch of Summit County's Lake Dillon, with its pine-clad islands.

Over the pass from South Park, and stopping in the ski town of Breckenridge for an icecream break!
 Still quite a bit of snow on those mountains for July!
 Carriages and cars in town.

 Finally in Vail, and having missed most of the holiday traffic thanks to our circuitous route, we stopped into Sato Sushi (where Mike was once culinary director before we moved out of the valley) for a long-awaited sushi feast (with our favorite bread pudding for dessert).
 In the morning, we joined Mike's parents at the Arrowhead Alpine Club for breakfast and to kick off the Independence Day weekend.
My sketch of the nearby Tenmile Range.


Juniper said...

Snow covered mountains, sketching, ice cream and then a sushi feast, living the life my dear!

Yoli said...

Love the sketches Maia. Q looks adorable in her white dress.