I am still trying (in Vain) to wade through half a summer's worth of I present you with a hike I took on my favorite Lionshead Trail while we were up in Vail. 
The runoff was particularly high this year, so that the stream crossing was a bit more dramatic than usual!
 Dogs in the dappled sun.
 Along with increased runoff come intensified wildflowers. It's like an Easter egg hunt!
 Overlooking Minturn.

 View of Holy Cross, one of the area's famed 14ers.
 Dogs cooling off in a patch of lingering snow.
 This hike was my retreat, my solace, my meditation, my constant companion when I lived in the valley, and it always does my heart good to set foot to this familiar and beautiful trail.

The pups got bold with the makeshift bridge on the way back. Go, Mathilda, go!


Yoli said...

Can I just borrow your beautiful legs for a bit? I just want to go about town and hear wolf whistles.

kate said...

what a beautiful trail! lovely :)

kate said...

what a beautiful trail!! lovely :)

the habitpattern said...

Gorgeous photos!