Every detail of this place is so beautiful, it's impossible to take a bad photo!

 Won't you lounge with us?
 Keroppi is on the warpath, apparently ;)
 Fortunately she's not one of those children who's finicky about toilets. Me, I grew up with an outhouse, on our ranch every summer. So it's old hat for me! Though I do remember that at night, with no light but starlight to illuminate, it was always a little too scary to close that door in the dark!
 Zip senses that a meal is immanent.
My husband, always the chef - even out here!
 I love that blue enamelware. It just smacks of an adventure!

 Though the kitchen is inside the cookhouse, the dishwashing station is entirely al fresco, and water must be heated inside and carried out. Again, brings back childhood memories! We used to take baths like this too, on the ranch! Wouldn't you say that dishwashing is much more pleasant with a beautiful view?
 Here, however, there are far more modern amenities, including lovely wooden shower houses with hot water and an array of soaps and shampoos provided, and a gorgeous hot tub (by prior appointment only, if you happen to go!)
Settling in for twilight on the "porch". Ahhhhhhhh........


kenza said...

I can't say it enough. Magical and fantastic!

Yoli said...

This is heavenly. I feel how happy you were Maia. It pours out of every word.

....... said...

yeap! ..lovely!

Horseartist said...

This place looks absolutely wonderful in all way. What a find!

And I remember those outdoor baths. :)