I have been saving these climbing wall photos since the local summer fair a couple weeks ago. 
This is Q on her first ascent of the (very high) wall.
 Not only did she never hesitate, but she made it to the very top of the wall on the very first try...and then went on to climb the same route four more times before consenting to take a break.
 Proud and ready to enjoy the pleasures of the midway for a while before climbing again. Can you just see the pride of a job well done in her face? I love it.
 Setting off for new and bigger adventures with a fresh confidence in her step.
 By the time she had climbed the "easy" route four or five times, and then the intermediate route several times with equal confidence, the climbing wall staff were all big fans of hers. This guy was so impressed by her gusto and enthusiasm that he offered her a chance to attempt the hard route free of charge. I'd venture to say that the offer was made because she was not only the youngest child to climb to the top of the easier routes, but also the fastest. Here he is explaining to her what she's taking on, and giving her the chance to back out.
 She listened, she nodded, she girded her loins.
 She did not back out.
 In fact, she kicked off her shoes and attacked the "difficult" route with gusto, glee, and bare feet.
This is maybe my favorite picture of all.
 And this is the point at which it started getting really tough.You can see it in the tension of her body.
 At about the halfway mark, she slipped and started over three or four times, of her own accord.
 Ultimately, she made it about 3/4 of the way up the hardest route before the staff called it. She herself was not ready to give up, but she graciously admitted defeat when the staff called her down.
 I can tell you that she was very, very disappointed in herself for not making it to the top of the hardest route, no matter how many times I tried to tell her that even most of the bigger kids hadn't attempted it. But after her free round on the tough route, she got back on the horse for one last go at the intermediate route...
 ...and nailed it in record time.
 Worn out and happy after a long afternoon of many climbs, she was rewarded with a bubblegum-flavored snow cone.
As much fun as was had by all, she still insists that she will not be happy until she's able to conquer the tough climbing route from bottom to top. 

So...I guess rock climbing classes are next on our sports agenda.

All this and she's not yet 4!!


Ling said...

what a little monkey! go, Q, go!

Darja Charapova said...

Wow she's amazing and very brave! What a girl, with real inner power :)
Can imagine how proud you all are :)
Greetings from rainy holland!

Yanyan said...

What an adventurer! Isn't it amazing that she is not even 4!!!!!!Hug to Q!

Yoli said...

We are so impressed and in love with Ms.Q!!!!

Poppy said...

Go Q! And she's living in a great part of the world for climbing (I imagine).


SADE said...

seriously one of the coolest kids i have never meet.. lol.. GO Q

FDChief said...

I'll bet if you find her those little climbing shoes she'll be zipping up the "hard" route ASAP...

Cavatica said...

That is truly cool! I'm sure it helps that she's so tall.

I can't remember if I told you this, as I've had trouble commenting here, but BB saw your blog once awhile back and at first thought the pictures of QQ were of her. I told her they were of another little girl and she was quite fascinated and wanted to scroll down looking at many pictures of QQ. I thought that was interesting, as long ago I saw similarities in QQ and BB (more personality than appearance), although not as much now.