Since  has been a fan of tea lately, the other night we decided to head out to a tea house in LoDo.
This is the outfit that Q chose for herself. Complete with socks pulled up over the knee, and gold-spangled shoes.
 Lucky for her that her daddy loves every outfit she chooses to wear!
 Learning the ritual.
 And showing of her spangled shoes.

 Lucky that she loves her some tea.
 I think that few of us could pull off this outfit, but The Q, confident as she is, can manage it!
 Watching as Daddy teaches her how to strain her tea leaves.
Her manners, fine as they are, only last so long. She is still just three, after all.


Fei An said...

Big Wow!!! QQ is completely a cool kid! Love her style:)
Are there going to be more pictures of Q celebrating Chinese New Year?:)

yeevon said...

She is really really cute! and active too! :D :D

Cavatica said...

Hmmmmmm, tea. Love the style.

Yoli said...

I think this is the blog that I visit the most often. Delightful Maia, I hope one day to meet her and all of you guys.

Evelyne said...

Oh les jolies chaussures dorées dont rêvent toutes les petites les grandes aussi !

kenza said...

Oh my! Oh my! What a cool kid!