In Woodstock on a chilly morning, with snowflakes materializing out of a cloudless sky outside the windows, and the peace and comfort of my mother's home keeping us cozy inside.
 Opening belated Christmas presents with LaoLao.

 No winter too cold for Q and her intrepid sidekick, Keroppi.

Reading "maps" in the car. She considers herself a master navigator.

PS - Stop by one of my favorite blogs, MaandagDaandag, to wish Elvis a happy birthday! You might see some of my prints among her fabulous birthday photos! Daan is one of the coolest (and most creative) moms in the blogosphere, and her kids are the coolest!


Fei An said...

Hehe, I like her style:)in the set of pictures. A little creature from the world of animal or Indian? :o)
So enjoyable to see Q every time.

Yoli said...

Oh my goodness so much fun!