On the thruway South with the family, to Beacon and Dia art foundation.

 Dia is wary of cameras, but one can sometimes manage to snap a few photos in the picturesque parking lots, and inside Richard Serra's amazing collection of rusted steel installations, my favorite part of the museum in so many ways.
 We are a family of Serra fans.
 Q takes to his work every time, and each time she finds new ways to relate to his pieces.
 It's interesting to watch the evolution of her appreciation of art in its many forms.

We enjoy Beacon for various reasons every time we visit. But we always look forward to interacting with Serra's work just a bit more.


Jae said...

wow, your photos are absolutely beautiful!

Mi Libroteka said...

Buen Día Maia, el día de ayer mi blog: Mi Libroteka cumplió 2 años y le dediqué un post a tu Blog del que soy seguidora.
Acá está el link, Te pido tu autorización a publicar algunas fotos. Gracias y un beso!

M said...

Sigh. I love the Serra's there. Also - all the Louise B in the attic. But I have this feeling FF might jump right into the piles of broken glass on the main floor.

kenza said...

Wonderful! I love all your recent posts and the new header is fantastic! Thank you sweet Maia for brightening up my evenings.

Yoli said...

Lovely Maia and great family picture.

susanna said...

Oh yeah! Serra's work is really good. I saw his work for the first time years ago when I was an art student and I remember being drawn to the clean lines and curves in his designs. And also to the patinas he used.

It's so great that you and your husband are giving young Q an art education. Not only will she feel comfortable in a gallery setting as she grows older but she'll see art as another way of expressing herself. I sometimes wonder if my twin sister (a visual effects compositor) or I would have had careers in the arts if my mom hadn't made the effort to take us to galleries while we were growing up. I think that early support made a huge difference in how we saw ourselves.