Well, tomorrow, weather and other factors permitting, we'll be off to New York!
 My head is spinning with all the things that need to get done before we leave, and I'm feeling a bit unequal to the task today. Not sure quite how to switch my brain to vacation mode.
 But last night we unwound for an hour or so with a trip to the Contemporary Art Museum for a little therapeutic collaging.

 Q is a very focused girl when she's at the art table, and I envy her a bit, as my brain tangles itself in knots trying to keep everything straight.

 But I love to watch her at work, and it does my heart good.

This museum is like her second home, since we've had  a membership ever since she first came here from China, and we have spent many a lazy afternoon in many a season working on projects in the craft room or drowsing in the roof gardens. 
 Daddy making pom poms at the sewing table.
 The sign of a true man, by the way: a man who isn't afraid to make pom poms at the art museum.
 So, wish us luck with our travels!
 We have many museums to visit and people to see, and I'll be sure to bring back many photos.
 Q woke up this morning eager to pack her bag.
 In the meantime, a happy January to you all! 
We'll be back in a week.

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