Q sporting a haircut for our trip. Her very FIRST actual haircut!
We went down to the lake before dinner tonight to play with cattails and enjoy the last of the sun before we travel to snowy New York!
 "Teaching" with her handy notebook.
 Releasing cattail fluff with daddy.
 I think they call this "jumping for joy"!

 She is such a ham.

 Daddy and the dogs at sunset.
And with that...see you all on the 17th! 
Have a lovely week!


Yanyan said...

Have a great trip!

rosanguyen said...

Has there ever been a post where it doesn't feature Q running about and being quite a happy girl!? I hope not, its great seeing her all happy :)

Signe said...

Great shots - looks like such a nice day!

A happy new year and a lovely weekend to you :)

Michele said...

Yup it is snowy here. If you have a chance to get together email me and we can find a day when I can drive down to see you all.

Natalie Thiele said...

Have a terrific time in New York. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.

Yoli said...

Have a lovely trip Maia, please bring back many photos of Q and her adventures. I couldn't tell she got a haircut until I looked closer. Adorable.